The lineup of Speakers and Special Guests at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo was unbelievable.  I saw an opportunity to distribute some copies of my game to several very popular youtubers, and hopefully reach the masses that didn't already discover Armed For Battle on various forums.  I am extremely grateful to see these widely known guys mention the game in their videos.

To start things out, Pat the NES Punk put up a video showing his pickups from the Portland Expo.  I talked to him very briefly, and when I handed him a copy, he immediately pulled out a clear protective sleeve to put it in, which was both unexpected and very cool.


Just 2 days ago, Pat held the 5th Annual NES Charity Marathon.  This benefit raised donations for a great cause, the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, and I'm happy to report that donations will be taken until 11/12!  It's terrific to see things like this in the retro gaming community.

Real time strategy is not always something that a person can just pick up and play, so along with handing out copies of the game, I made a handy Quick Start guide which was also given out to these youtubers.  I thought it would be kinda cool to also show it here, as a mini-strategy guide to get a new player going.

Download this Quick Start Guide here.

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