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Armed For Battle is now available for a special Limited Edition release!  The auction is taking place at and it ends June 5.

The Limited Edition will include...

LE Cartridge (in blue color), with the label noted as Limited Edition

Limited Edition Box with unique design on the back, numbered from 01-40 (also included dust sleeve & spacer).

Instruction manual – 24 pages in color

A CD containing ROM files made during the development of the game.  You’ll see how the game looked and played as it went from the earliest stages until the finished product that it has become.  There are a total of 13 files to play around with, and a write up accompanies the files.

Also on the CD will be working source code from an early version of the game.  The source code can be used as a learning tool if you are trying to develop your own game.  If you have completed Nerdy Nights, this is a great chance to see and play around with code from a more developed game.  You can even email me with questions about how specific areas of the code works (hopefully I’ll have an answer for you).

2 Collectible magnets featuring characters from the game (1 good, 1 evil).  The magnets have been made so that certain characters are more rare than others.
Massive Battle Scene picture (approx. 5x7)

The Title Screen will feature unique graphics (i.e. “LIMITED EDITION  01/40”).

The Game will have Cheat Options that can be set to On/Off on the title screen.   With the cheat feature, you can add +300 to all your resources any time you press the start button.  When on the upgrade screen, you will instantly max out an individual upgrade with the start button. 

Every copy of Armed for Battle, both Regular Edition and Limited Edition, will have 2 bonus levels, but the Limited Edition will have an additional 2 “LE Only” bonus levels in the game’s story mode.

The Top 2 bidders will have their name inserted into the game!  With 12 alpha numeric characters, a name of your choice will be inserted into the game’s story mode for the 2 bonus levels found in every Regular Edition and Limited Edition game.  Again, these are not the “LE Only” bonus levels, but the bonus levels that are played by all.

Here is a copy of the bidding rules:

You only get to place ONE bid.  This will be your ONLY BID.

When you bid, specify the Name you would like to have used in the game, in case you are one of the Top 2 Bidders (see more details above).  You have 12 characters for this name, and can use any upper or lower case letter, numbers, or the 3 characters ?!/.  If I judge your name as too vulgar/offensive/lewd/crude, I might reject it and ask for a different name.  I am asking for this Name during the bidding, so that the LE’s can be made immediately after the auction ends – I’ll be quick to handle any name rejections during the auction.

The Auction will run for approximately a 48 hour period.  The start of the auction will be June 3, 10pm NA time.  The end of the auction will be June 5, 10pm NA time (however, any bid prior to June 3 is welcome).
The auction will be extended 3 minutes from the original posted end time if there is bidding activity within the last 3 minutes. If there are any further bids during this extended period, the auction will be extended a further 3 minutes from the time of the bid. This process will continue until 3 minutes elapses between bids.  If a bid should happen to come in at just over 3 minutes (3:03 or even 3:05), this will be considered within the 3 minute guideline.

For the big collectors out there, anyone putting in a bid of $300 or more can specify “2 Limited Edition copies.”  The second copy will cost half the price of your bid (buy one, get the second for half off).  Your bid amount should show the cost of the First Copy only, not the combined cost.
(example – “$325, 2 LE copies”  << this bid would get 2 LE’s for $487.50)

The top 2 bidders will get to choose their numbers.

Only 40 Limited Edition copies of Armed For Battle will exist, and they will be numbered on the Box and on the Title Screen of the game.  This auction is for Limited Edition Copies from 02 through 30 (29 copies).  Here is a breakdown of the 40 copies:
01 & 40 are copies for me.  #40 might have plans pertaining to a future homebrew.
02 through 30 are for auction right now
31 through 35 will be auctioned later (perhaps 6 or 12 months, or perhaps prior to my next homebrew release)
36 Chris Johnson
37 Johannes Reinders
38 Dain
39 SoleGooseProductions
There is a slight possibility that the 5x7 Massive Battle Scene picture and the Collectible Magnets could be used for marketing, and more than 40 could be made (at this time, there are only 40).  The Collectible Magnets have been made with varying rarities, and if I product more, I will keep the rarity ratios.

After the close of the auction, send your payment via paypal or personal check within a week of the auction end.
Shipping will be free to a U.S. address, $6 to Canada, or $12 elsewhere.  Your game will be ready to ship around the week of June 15th.

I do have one bid that will be sent to me via PM.  If you absolutely require a bid done in this way, please contact me ahead of time.

Thank you for your support of NES homebrew.  It’s really exciting to have my game played by others, and I look forward to the next project, whatever that might be.

Update - 06-24-14
Here is a guide for the rarity of the collectible magnets:

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