Metal Jesus Rocks provided some great coverage of Armed For Battle in a couple of his recent youtube videos.  If you are unfamiliar with him, his facebook page gives the description "A Long Haired Metal Dude with an Unhealthy Passion for Video Games."  All I can say is that his youtube videos are great - he's got that metal rocker look, but once you hear his voice and excitement in the videos, he's such a down to earth guy.

He recently had a great video covering what he picked up in Portland.  He and 3 friends (Barnacles, Drunken Master Paul, and The Big JB) had a contest to see who could get the best deals.  Check it out - it's quite entertaining.


After that came another video where MJR talked about 50 recent pickups.  Within this video, right around the 10 minute mark is when he discusses Armed For Battle, and I couldn't ask for better coverage!  He played the game a bit prior to the video, and from his enthusiasm, I am really hoping he dives in further.  Time will tell.


My meetings with MJR at the convention were pretty humorous.  I knew I wanted to give him the game, and on Day 1, I spotted him very quickly.  At the time, I said a quick hello, but didn't have a copy ready for him.  A little later, I spotted him again over at a dealer table.  As I dug through my bag for his items, the guy simply vanished.  Over the course of Saturday and Sunday, I gave out copies to the other youtubers on my list.  When I was down to my last handout, it happened to be the one for MJR.  How could I not see him since that very early meeting?  It wasn't until fairly late into Sunday that I finally ran into him.

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