The sample is here, and I could not be happier with the results! When I opened the package, and took out my box and manual, I think the grin on my face stayed on there for a good 20 minutes. The quality of both the box and manual are phenomenal.

As I mentioned, this was just a sample. Over the last week, I've been working with Johannes and Chris to finalize the Manual, the Limited Edition Box, and the Normal Box. Current status: they are now under production! In my last entry, I did promise a look at the Limited Edition Title Screen, and without further ado:

Recent updates to share:
  • Some errors were corrected on the Battle Casualty screen.
  • I've made it easier to destroy walls during battle. 
  • It used to cost Food & Water to send troops out to battle.  I realized this could cause some issues when those resources are being consumed rapidly by the population of the kingdom.  I have now switched to battle parties requiring 50 Gold, rather than Food/Water.
  • Commanders are now able to take a maximum of 80 troops with them to fight the enemy.
  • Resource income has been redone yet again!  This is the final version, and I really like it.  It involves an addition to food, water, wood, stone, iron, in a rotation from one resource collection to the next.
  • I have redone some Costs for the troops, so that they don't require as much Gold.  This takes away the annoyance of having to trade for Gold so often.
  • Troops now require a longer training time to be ready.  The upgrades for Faster Troop Training feel like they now have more value to them.
  • AI continues to be tested.

Important Info and Dates:

On April 12 & 13th, I will have Armed For Battle at Midwest Gaming Classic. Whether I'll be selling the game or just demo-ing is not yet known, but I will be there within the Nintendo Age area at the convention. This is a fantastic convention for any game lover - come check it out, and say hello while you're there.

If everything goes according to plan, it won't be long until I offer The Limited Edition version of the game!  Please keep an eye on my blog in early April, for details about the Limited Edition auction.  This auction will run very similar to Khan's Study Hall LE auction.  I am giving you my word ahead of time that any information or announcements regarding Armed For Battle's Limited Edition will not be any sort of April Fool's joke.  Here are some things you'll only find in the Limited Edition version:
  • The box will be unique
  • There will be additional levels in Story Mode
  • There will be cheats available to use
  • Some source code will be included
  • Early builds of the game will be included
  • Exclusive extra merchandise
If you want to take part in the auction, I recommend registering at NintendoAge.com

Please send me your email if you'd like to be on my contact list.  This way, you won't miss any important announcements.  You can use this blog's contact form, or send me a PM at one of the forums I visit.