The box is coming along quite nicely! Chris has applied color, and the results are incredible. After that, Johannes was able to create box and cartridge labels. I can't thank these guys enough for getting it to the 'almost' final design (especially Johannes, who gave me sample after sample while I nitpicked all the details).

Not only is the artwork coming along, but the production side is going strong as well. I've been in contact with a manufacturer, who is now preparing a sample box! It will be about 2 weeks till I get the sample, but that gives me time to keep coding.

The latest additions:
  • I have revised the credits in the game, with a few people that I want to thank.
  • I needed music for the battle transition screen (when it announces "The enemy is here." or "Commander has arrived.") and that music is now created and coded.  Some of my favorite additions to the game has been new music and sound effects.  It's such a difference when you had previously had silence on certain screens for months and months.  This was the last bit of music I needed!
  • The B Button now goes directly from Castle/Kingdom view into World View without requiring the cursor to be on the Castle first.  While I planned on using the Start button for a one-button transition, I instead saved the Start Button for special functions in the Limited Edition version.
  • Speaking of Limited Edition, I have made a few new graphics exclusive to this release, and have even added the code that will be unique to this version.  I am very anxious to show off a screen shot for the Title Screen, but that will have to wait till my next blog update.  :)