Midwest Gaming Classic 2016 is less than 24 hours away!!

I apologize for the lack of updates - as always, things have been crazy busy.  The good news, is that I have a brand new office, which will serve well for future homebrewing efforts.  Almost exactly one year ago, my wife and I bought a new house, and with the move, it was tough to fit in homebrew development due to lack of free time and not a very adequate work environment.  The work environment issue has been resolved.  As far as the free time issue, I can't really do anything about this, but not to worry - Armed for Battle somehow got created with the same dilemma.

For now though, let's concentrate on Midwest Gaming Classic.  As always, I will be there, and can again be found with the same great group of guys in the NintendoAge room.  If you still have not gotten a copy of Armed For Battle - please check it out.  Say hi, play the game, hang out, it's all good.  And if you want to see some of the other things I've been working on (very slowly), I will be happy to show you.

If you like new NES homebrews, you will not be disappointed!  You can see these at the NintendoAge room:

Legends of Owlia
The Incident
Haunted Halloween '85
Unexpected Ordinance
Armed For Battle
and more...

In other homebrew news, you probably don't know this, but I am very happy to say that I was the 'man behind the scenes' for production of the box, manual, and more for these great games:
Swords and Runes
The Incident
0 to X
Haunted Halloween '85
Legends of Owlia (brand new)

I seriously recommend checking them out!  And if you are a homebrew developer that is looking to get some pristine looking materials made, please contact me!  So far, I've had experience producing boxes, manuals, cartridge stickers, dust sleeves with hot-stamped logos, and styrofoam blocks.  Just let me know what you need and I'm happy to give you a quote.

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