In only 3 days, I am returning to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo!

It was phenomenal last year.  The best part of my 2014 experience was meeting the people that I have conversed with through email, social media, and forums.

I enjoy competitive NES Tetris, and periodically visit tetrisconcept.net.  Many of the top players on those forums come to the Classic Tetris Championships, which are a big part of weekend at PRGE.  There were also some great guys from NintendoAge at the show, not to mention Paul from infiniteneslives, who handles the hardware for my homebrew games.

Speaking of Tetris, I have finally completed my goal of a max out!  It's not an easy feat, and I am very relieved to finally achieve this.

If you still need a copy of Armed For Battle, it will be available again at the show.  It will be in very limited quantity, so get it quick!  Look for the NintendoAge megabooth, which is where you can buy it, or just give it a try.

At the NintendoAge booth, you'll be sure to meet some great people.  Brian Parker, who is selling my game will be there.  He is sure to have many more homebrew titles there from his site, retrousb.com.  You can also say hi to KHAN, a very gifted NES developer, who will be selling The Incident (shhh, it's not officially released yet), as well as Beau (aka Sole Goose), the producer of 2 brand new NES games titled Swords and Runes, and 0 to X.  If you love NES homebrew, this is the place to visit during PRGE!

I'll see you there!

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