Armed for Battle has a brand new demo to try!

I'm sorry this is not a demo for a new game, but this was the quick side project that needed to happen.  At Midwest Gaming Classic, I spoke with a great guy named Greg.  Greg runs several stores, called Cash-In Culture in the Pennsylvania area (looks like the kind of store I would love to check out).  At those stores, a handful of Armed For Battle games are available to play and purchase.  Greg pointed out that a demo, where a player is thrust into the middle of a level would probably be helpful to players trying it out.  I absolutely agreed, because when I demo the game at Midwest Gaming Classic, it usually takes a little while for a player to get 'into the level.'

Please try out the new demo.  On the title screen, you have 4 scenarios to choose from:
  • Train An Archer
  • Locate The Enemy
  • Battle An Enemy
  • Try A Full Level
Very simple scenarios, and you'll easily be able to see various portions of the gameplay.  Plus, you still have the option to try out a full level from the very start.  Thanks for trying it out, and let me know what you think!

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