Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  A quick reminder that today is the final day for the Armed For Battle Sale.

RetroLiberty is comprised of Aaron Stapish and Ricky Avila (and they have a great camera man too).  They've only been on youtube for 2 years, and judging by how fun their videos are, I expect their subscriber list to skyrocket.  Their biggest collection of videos is titled TheNesPursuit, and it's great footage of gaming conventions, gaming stores, flea markets, and more, and the videos are loaded with humorous moments.

In RetroLiberty's Portland Expo video, I get some unexpected screen time in a quick interview.

I figured the interview, or part of it, would show up in one of their videos, but it was thrilling to see their editing, with the captions, insertion of gameplay footage, and even the 'brother at the hotel' joke they worked in.  Thanks for everything!

It was quite funny when I went up to introduce myself.  The camera man had just put the camera down, and I started pulling out my game for Aaron.  As I handed it to him, I was pointing out how I made it for the NES, and I didn't get much further before I was told "You 'made' this?  Whoa, back up!"  Then the camera got rolling, and we had to start from the top.

These guys had a pre-Portland video which encouraged fans to 'come hang out with us.'  They are definitely a lot of fun and really love to meet new people.  If you see them at a future convention, I recommend going up to say hi.  These guys are great!

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