Much appreciation goes out to John Lester, known to many as gamester81.  He uploaded a review for Armed For Battle, and the amount of views on his video quickly surpassed what the game's official trailer has received.  John's popularity on youtube is well deserved, with his videos covering games, consoles, accessories, conventions, and more.  If you're into retro gaming, I highly suggest you subscribe to him, whether it's through his youtube channel or one of his many social media outlets.


During the development phase, and when Armed for Battle was completed, I put up plenty of announcements on website forums, but it's incredible to see the audience expand even more.  There are plenty of people out there that don't know about the world of NES homebrew, and John's video likely found a few of them.

I really enjoy hearing and reading about people's experience with the game, and that's my favorite part of John's video.  If you'd like to share your experience or progression in the game, you can contact me any time with the blog's contact form.

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