A Black Friday Sale is coming up for Armed For Battle.  The sale will run throughout the weekend starting on Black Friday and ending on Cyber Monday.

The Happy Console Gamer is a huge name on youtube, and is comprised of the very entertaining pair Johnny Millenium, and Rob Man.  Not too long ago, HCG made a video called Retro Goodness, where Johnny talks about all his great pickups from the Portland Expo, and gives some fun history about why he was looking for a few particular games.  I was super excited to have a segment in the video.


Happy Console Gamer teamed up with Alpha Omega Sin for an awesome, energy packed panel at the show, and when it was done, I was first in the autograph line to give Johnny a copy of the game.  This guy is such a cool dude in his videos, and this is exactly what he is like in person.  I loved his reaction to receiving the game, with a very shocked "this is for me?" and I would have talked Nintendo for a lot longer if I didn't have a huge line of people behind me.

I mentioned to him that the day before the convention, I came across Happy Console Gamer The Movie, which is a very impressive undertaking.  It's an hour long, and was put on youtube 2 years ago.  I could only watch a portion of it because I was packing for the convention, but I am looking forward to checking out the rest very soon.  Based on HCG's regular videos being so fun, I'm sure the movie will be quite entertaining.

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