The Limited Edition Release will be ready for a release in May! Testing and debugging are both going great. Materials are either here or nearly ready, as seen below. The most time consuming thing for me now seems to be playing through various levels in the game, to make sure their parameters are good to go. Here's a first look at the Limited Edition Box, featuring a unique piece of art for the back (a combined effort from Chris Johnson's artwork and arrangement by Johannes Reinders).

The first chance to get the game will be through a Limited Edition release. Not only will you get to play the game early, but you'll get some neat extra items to go along with it, including early builds of the game and some early code to check out (if you are interested in NES homebrew, this would be a cool way to play around with a game engine, just to see how things work). I've talked about other Limited Edition items in earlier posts.

How do you get a copy? In similar fashion to other homebrews that have been coming out, I will run an auction on NintendoAge.com. You can check out the auctions for Khan's Study Hall, and MRN's The Grind  to see how these work.  If you want to bid, please register at NintendoAge.com, and if you don't want to miss this auction, make sure use the Contact form on the right to get on my email list.

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