If all goes according to plan, the auction for the Limited Edition version of the game will start on June 3rd!  I thought for sure it would be a May release, but I have to push the date forward just a touch.

The checklist from now until release is getting smaller.  Here's where we stand:
  • I have several more levels of the game to test yet, and I've been able to fit in about 1 per night.  I have made my way through Levels 8-15, and I am quite pleased with how they turned out difficulty-wise.  I only made 1 or 2 adjustments (one of the levels clearly needed to be harder).  :)
  • A few levels are getting tested by SoleGooseProductions, who has provided great feedback on the files I've sent his way.  If you are making a homebrew, he'd be my top suggestion for a play tester.
  • I'll discuss final details with Paul about the production and distribution of the LE
  • I have to add numbers to the Limited Edition Boxes.
  • Pictures (and likely a video) will be taken prior to the auction.
I plan to put up the auction rules soon, so you'll know ahead of time how it will run.

Send me your email on the blog's contact form if you don't want to miss the details.

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