I am extremely excited to show a couple works of art sent to me by Hananas from NintendoAge.com. If you like what you see here, please be sure to check out his facebook page, which has a ton of awesome custom work involving video game accessories and more.

After my initial contact with Hananas, I was given this quick sample for a black box design within just a few hours.  I was floored by this one, partially because I didn't even give him much for direction, and I didn't give him any wording to use. He just took my youtube videos and ran with what he saw.

I didn't even request this one, but he took my title screen graphics, and blew my mind:

Regarding the game, here are some of the latest developments:
  • Password codes have been entered and tested.
  • New Screen!  I have the post-battle screen partially implemented, which will show casualty totals from the battle.
  • New music!  The post-battle screen has music.
  • More new music!  I realized the Victory Screen did not have any sound, so I added a triumphant little melody.
  • I have made an addition on the Battle Screen, where an icon bounces above the current troop that the player has selected.  Just an extra little touch, which I like a lot.
  • A big change has been made to the resource collection in the game, thanks to feedback from arch_8ngel of NintendoAge, who has been helping me with play testing.  I will fully admit that I was not looking forward to this code change, but it went smoother than expected.  Before the change:  resources were collected about every 5 seconds (more gatherers meant a bigger chunk of resources).  After the change:  as more gatherers are sent to collect resources, the frequency of collection will get faster.