I have been very excited about the comments coming in from the people trying out the demo.

"Played the demo the other day and loved it! Battles are awesome! Music is awesome! Can't wait for the final product!"
"I've been playing the demo all morning and I am blown away by this game so far. I find myself consumed by the gameplay mechanics. Gathering resources to build, buy, sell, and improve stats. The battle sequences are great and I haven't even scratched the surface on what can be done (World Map stuff that I have not explored yet). This is a game that will take up quite a bit of my free time upon release and I look forward to it!"
"WOW! Armed for Battle is great! I just sunk most of the afternoon into it and am really blown away at the moment"
"It's a well made game! I tried the demo for a bit and it's easy to get into."

I am grateful for this feedback - my motivation goes into high gear when I read comments like these.  Here is a quick rundown of what I've been working on lately:
  • The entire instruction manual has now been laid out (23 pages).  The writing portion is complete, and I need to add in graphics.  I am doing this through both screenshots and hand drawn artwork.  If you are interested in helping with artwork that will appear in the manual, drop me a line.
  • Fixed lag issues during gameplay.
  • Some issues with 'jumpy' controls have been cleared up.
  • I've identified a few things that haven't been coded yet, including music for the Victory screen, and a few bonuses that certain troops get in battle (i.e. Archers get a bonus when they are attacking Dragons).
  • I've been discussing hardware with Paul at infiniteneslives.com.
  • I've enlisted some help with game testing as well as 'fun factor' testing.
  • Debugging continues