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Last night a special episode of The Goldbergs was shown on ABC.  The Goldbergs is a tv show set in the 80's, so many retro things, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System can be seen on the show.  In last night's episode, titled "Bill/Murray," the character Barry Goldberg was shown playing a game on the NES called Mystic Searches.


Mystic Searches is a game currently in development for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Although it was brief, showing a new NES game on network television is fantastic for promoting the NES homebrew scene.  Mystic Searches is not only a homebrew for the NES though.  Along with it comes a modern game as well as a documentary about the world of NES homebrew.  I am really looking forward to the completion of this project.  Here's the kickstarter for Mystic Searches.

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