Midwest Gaming Classic 2015 has come and gone.  Once again, it was an incredible event.  The NintendoAge group always has a presence at the show, and that is where I have been showing Armed for Battle for the last 3 years.  It was shortly after last year's MGC that I finished the game, so this year it was for sale.  I was extremely happy to see my copies sell out.  Thank you to the buyers and supporters of NES homebrew.

For the last few years, the designated area for NintendoAge has been a room which normally functions as a hotel room.  During Midwest Gaming Classic, the hotel clears all furniture out of a block of 10 of their hotel rooms, and it's used for extra convention space.  I made a little signage to lure in anyone passing by.

This year's setup was definitely my best.  I brought along a computer which played the game's trailer, and had 2 televisions set up.  The second tv was used to show Nomolos, another homebrew I was promoting for Gradual Games.  Check it out if you haven't already - it's a solid side scrolling platformer with a good challenge and awesome music.  I had a chance to record the room during a short break in the action.

Click for video.
It was great to have my nephew with me this year, who helped me with hauling equipment, and also stayed in the room while I was trying to partake in some of the convention.  As always, the Tetris tournament was happening, and this year had a great setup.

I was extremely fortunate that the Tetris tournament finals were happening right next to the area where panels take place.  Christian Dietering (aka Ferris Bueller of NintendoAge) was presenting "The World of Nintendo Aftermarket Games" and I was able to listen in while getting ready for the final rounds of the tournament.  I snapped a quick photo of Christian's display.  If you are in the Texas area, be sure to check out his epic convention, Let's Play Gaming Expo, which will take place in August!

After a 4th place showing in the Tetris tournament, where I lost to some good friends, and really great tetris players, I took in just a little more of the convention before it ended.

See you at MGC in 2016!

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