Please check out my NEW demo.  I have made a ton of improvements since the original demo came out in January, and you'll get to check them out in this new version.  Here's what the readme will tell you (the 'minor' changes have not been listed): 
  • Resource Income is done in a new way
  • The Storage Buildings (storage for excess food/water) have been removed
  • The Scholar Temple has been added, which allows for faster upgrades
  • Hidden gold can be found by Scouts in 3 locations of the Overworld
  • Battle Party entry is done in a new, easier way
  • Music is now in place for all transition screens
  • A Battle Casualty screen now follows battles that take place
  • Changes to costs, timers, troop HP, and more
  • Bugs that were in the original demo have been fixed (I hope)

Midwest Gaming Classic is coming up very soon (April 12-13).  The demo that I'll have with me will show even more of the game than the downloadable demo.  Hope to see you there!

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